First blog post: Road Under The Bay

So this is my blog. I am usually too busy to keep a blog, but I am a fiction apprentice for my sabbatical year, so this is what I am doing: reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing, polishing little horror/dark fantasy/literary gems, and finding out about fiction markets, after spending way too much time in poetry markets. Bonus: I am actually getting paid for my publications! 191.80 dollars. 20 dollars. 300 dollars. A totally new experience.

So as this blog grows, I’ll post where stories come out, and how they connect. Here is a great one to get going, and to get a taste of how I write: the wonderful Future Fire just published one of my water women stories, with amazing illustrations by Miranda Jean. Check it out!

The Road Under the Bay. Future Fire. A Journal of Sociopolitical and Speculative Cyber-Fiction. The editor, Djadadjii al-Ayad, advertises the story in this way: “a luscious prose-poem of earth&water&architectural memory.” YES!


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