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Eco Soma: Pain and Joy in Speculative Performance Encounters is out!

In Eco Soma, Petra Kuppers asks readers to be alert to their own embodied responses to art practice and to pay attention to themselves as active participants in a shared sociocultural world. Reading contemporary performance encounters and artful engagements, this book models a disability culture sensitivity to living in a shared world, oriented toward more socially just futures.

This February 2022 book appeared with the University of Minnesota Press, in the Art After Nature series edited by Giovanni Aloi and Caroline Picard. It is available both as a traditional book (and here is a code for 40% off until April 1st: MN88670), and as an open access text. 

Eco Soma Cover Kuppers

Image Description: A dancer, Yulia Arakelyan from Wobbly Dance, covered in white clay and with a bound chest, emerges from rich vegetation, lips parted, sun-dappled, a hand open toward a purple frond. The plants twine in and out of the book title. Cover design by Frances Baca Design. Cover photograph by Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley.


Podcast about the book, with the Art After Nature editors



Petra Kuppers breathes us through connections between embodiment and the earth, weaving queer studies and disability studies into self-guided explorations. Her imagistic text evokes dancing—the pull of gravity and the shifting perspectives of bodies in flow. She moves, she writes, we respond to her autobiographical narratives of environmental spaces and social places.

— Anita Gonzalez, cofounder, Racial Justice Institute, Georgetown University

There is absolutely nothing like Eco Soma in any field. Petra Kuppers provides a much-needed model for what interdisciplinary arts-based research can be, and her work is always put into the context of the lived reality of minoritized communities. She shows us how to write about bodies as she does—unflinchingly, while maintaining respect and dignity.

— Carrie Sandahl, director, Program on Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities, University of Illinois at Chicago

Petra Kuppers’s grounded and reflective investigation encourages generative dialogue within and beyond disability performance studies. Sharing many vivid examples drawn from diverse community scales and sites, her eco soma method both illuminates and prompts creative reimaginings of relations between self, land, other humans, and more-than-humans. Answering the urgent call for multidisciplinary work to address climate catastrophe, she reveals the profound power of art-based methods to engage the body, forge connection, and enact change.

— Kirsty Johnston, University of British Columbia (located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Musqueam (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm) people)


Here is some of the tissue that connects the Eco Soma book and my ecopoetic work:

Zoom Somatics, a meditation on somatic/disabled creation in COVID times, July 2021.

Crip Ecologies essay published in Poetry, January 2022.


Details of the Eco Soma book tour



Gut Botany has been named one of the 10 Best Poetry Books of 2020 by the New York Public Library. Thank you, librarians! They describe it beautifully, too: “Visceral poetry about the natural world exposes an internal human landscape teeming with life.”

Gut Botany also received the Silver Medal for Poetry from the Midwestern Book Association, and was a finalist for the Medal Provocateur.

You can watch a complete hour-long Gut Botany participatory performance here, recorded zoomishly at Goddard College’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts online intensive in March 2020. Or a half-our reading followed by a really interesting Q+A with grad students at the University of Kansas’s MFA program, recorded a year later, in March 2021.

If you have 3 minutes, you can watch and participate in the first poem here.

Or you can listen to this 18 min interview with April Baer on Michigan Public Radio, for June 2021: Pride Month.

Gut Botany reviews

Dennis James Sweeney writes in the Massachusetts Review:  “It is Kuppers’ combination of generosity and resoluteness that grounds Gut Botany. These poems are both fierce and freeing, both energetic and calm. During quarantine, when it is easy to feel as distant from the outside world as from oneself, I take heart in the contact that Kuppers cultivates between self and body, between body and world. Kuppers carefully inhabits that electric moment where the two meet, whether she is holding a stick of rhubarb or dreaming of a dragonfly’s “bristle foot pad hair.” Given that we are all, even in quarantine, in an endless interaction with the world outside of us, these are the kinds of moments to learn to live in.”

A great review of texts that are good to read in viral times: Books about Caring, at a Distance: “her collection embraces inclusivity and entanglement; nothing and no one here functions in isolation. The book is often energized by collaboration and conversations with other artists: … Kuppers also invites readers to consider their own somatics: what is it to be in this body, here, now? At turns beautiful and provocative, Gut Botany is a tonic against loneliness.” Thank you, Addie Hopes!

Maria Teresa Houar writes in The Review of Disability Studies:
“The influence of Indigenous epistemologies is deeply felt throughout Gut Botany, as Kuppers explores the ways in which settler cultures have constructed both Indigenous and Disabled identity as biomedical and necropolitical realities. She boldly problematizes the ableism and heteropatriarchal domination of white settler normativity and its many fictions. We see this critique laid bare in “Big Spirit Moon”: “I am not spared precarity/ in my occupation of indigenous lands/ I cannot see the lake the way you root/ drum, burn the chitin, an alarm” ( 2020, p. 72). It is also evident in the final lines of “Gut Body” on the very first page: primacy of white masculine fear/ close the leaky gut/ body drained of tears” (2020, p. 1). Kuppers offers a vision of resistance, an unapologetic reckoning of her body’s history. It’s a story born of navigating through landscapes both hostile and fertile, a counter narrative that queers all love, bodies, and relationships.”

Shane Neilson reviews Gut Botany for Wordgathering, with an elegant and insightful analysis of a poem which ends like this: “Beyond sense, Kuppers’ work offers the sonic delight of words alone: we can take pleasure from the single perfect end-rhyme of “here” and “years,” the consonance and assonance of “wood weeps”, the tongue tapping the roof of the mouth with “trees are twisted into themselves.” The poem reads like a mournful warning, and I do not think its ecosomatic messenging would be nearly as effective if Kuppers hadn’t taken as much care with craft. Therefore: poets, academics, poet-academics, and my favourite kind of people, readers: Kuppers’ intentionality has remained strong but her lyric gifts have increased with time. Culture Gut Botany yourself and apprehend the growth.”

Kimberley Ann Priest reviews Gut Botany on the Black Earth Institute blog: “The body, disabled in these poems, seeks expression—not only as disadvantaged and abused, but also as dancer, interpreter, and sexual; a force among forces. … You will feel when you enter these pages. You will be inspired to wander the path, scorn bodily shame, and enter a dance.”

On Gertrude, Ezra writes this beautiful review. “​Kuppers’s sentences are to be experienced as we read them, and they produce a dizzying and disruptive range of affective responses.”

For a different kind of insight into my working practices, here is a recent interview/discussion of my queer/eco/arts teaching.

And swoop over here for reviews of my speculative fiction work.



July 6: Eco-Soma Lecture as part of Disability – Culture – Knowledge. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Dis/Ability Cultures, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (virtual)

July: Artist-in-Residence, Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, Rockland, Maine

May: visit at UC San Diego (virtual)

May 6-8th: present/breath, anchored at 22 North Gallery, Ypsilanti, exhibition with Chanika Svetvilas and Jennifer Lickers, opening as part of 1st Friday, with mini-symposium.

April 21/22: Eco Soma visit at UC Davis

April 5: Eco Soma presentation for Eco-Arts class at Laney College, California

March 30/31: Visit at the University of Iowa

March 23-27: AWP Philadelphia, Contemporary Feminisms Panel

March 18, 1-2pm EST: ASLE Spotlight: “Public Engagement and Performance.” (virtual) Co-hosts: Brandon Galm  and Josh Calhoun, with Spencer Robins, UCLA Lens Podcast, Janisse Ray, Wild Spectacle: Seeking Wonder in a World Beyond Humans, Odile Cisneros, and Petra Kuppers, Eco Soma

March 16-20: Featured Creative at the 43rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, Florida

March 5-11: Writer-in-Residence, Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

February 28-March 1: Plenary Presentation at 37th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

February 25-27: Moon Botany Workshop, 2022 Authors and Artists Festival: Writing the Land: A Virtual Poetry Retreat

February 22: Podcast: Eco Soma with Petra Kuppers – Conversation with the Art After Nature editors Caroline Picard and Giovanni Aloi

February 21: Body Language: Poets Wheel, Sing, Fly; with Sarah Rosenthal, Julie Patton, Christina Vega-Westhoff, 6pm EST

February 8th: host of Self Elegy panel.

February 2022: Book Launch of my newest study! Eco Soma: Pain and Joy in Speculative Performance Encounters, University of Minnesota Press, open access. Interview hour with the Art After Nature series editors, Caroline Picard and Giovanni Aloi. Details TBC

January 31: Public lecture as part of the six Dance Research Fellows 2021, New York Public Library. Register for free for link.

January 27: Eco Soma presentation, Goddard College

January 21/22: Eco Soma Presentation, Practicing the Social: Entanglements of Art and Justice, Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice, University of Guelph

January 22/23: Presenter at Rising ConFusion, Metro Detroit’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (panels on ‘Geek Guide to Literary Theory; The Horror, The Horror, on current movies; and on Writing and Grief)

January 18, 4.30pm: Crip/Mad Archive Dances recording session, Duderstadt Video Performance Studio, University of Michigan (in person)

January 11: Presenter on Bodyfulness, an international online course on embodiment and somatics: Starship Somatics workshop and lecture.

January 3rd to 7th: MELT/Movement Research: Starship Somatics: Monster Edition.


December 16, noon EDT: Eco Soma Vortrag, Vortragsreihe “Disability Studies”, „Disability Studies im Spannungsfeld aktueller Herausforderungen-Zukunftsperspektiven,“ Transfernetzwerk Soziale Innovation, BODYS (Bochumer Zentrum für Disability Studies) (online)

December 11, 2pm: Turtle Disco goes to …. the Beach. Creativity Tune-up on Jensen Beach, Stuart, Florida (in-person, outdoors)

December 10-14: Eco Soma: A Participatory Somatic Experiment for Disabled and Non-Disabled Movers session as part of the Embodiment Conference (free access, online)

December 4th, EcoPoetics Reading, Desmond-Fish Public Library, Garrison, NY, with Mary Newell, A. Anupama, Laurel Anderson, Jennifer Spector, Rebecca Durham, Karen Neuberg, Stephanie Heit and Petra Kuppers (online)

November 23, 5.30 (CST): Eco Soma: Presentation at the School of the Arts Chicago (online)

November 19-21: Invited Presenter, Eco Soma, BodyIQ Somatics Festival, Berlin (online)

20 min Podcast for BodyIQ Radio, with Dieter Rehberg

November 7, 6pm EST: Poets in Pajamas (reading starts 5 mins in) reading no. 124. Full listing of the year (online)

November 3: host of book launch, Sex, Identity, Aesthetics: The Work of Tobin Siebers and Disability Studies. Eds. Jina B. Kim, Joshua Kupetz, Crystal Yin Lie, Cynthia Wu (online)

October 29, 4-6pm: Crip/Mad Dance Archives Workshop at Bennington College’s Non-normative Bodies class. (online)

October 26: Amoeba Workshop for Ecoart Matters class, Laney College, Oakland, California (online)

October 25, 4pm: “Writing Community” session, University of Kansas (online)

October 21, 7.30pm EDT: Toronto International Festival of Authors. Moderator of Climate for All: Disability Rights & the Environment, a discussion with Syrus Marcus Ware, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and Jen Deerinwater (online)

October: in residence in New York City, at the Dance Division/New York Public Library, Lincoln Plaza: Crip Mad Archive Dances community score, Wednesday Oct 20, Astor Gallery, 7pm (in person)

October 14-17: Plenary Performance: Crip/Mad Archive Dances at Dance Studies Association conference, New Brunswick. (in person)

October 7: Keynote at the 3rd International Conference on Disability Studies, Arts & Education (online).

October 1st, 3-4.30pm EST: Poetry & Poetics Workshop, UM, flash talks “On Attention and Distraction” with Benjamin Paloff, Petra Kuppers, Sam McCracken, Carlina Duan, Dana Moss, RSVP here for Zoom link

September 21, 28, Oct 5, 12: Host of Performance Studies international/Community Performance Network series in Constellate, with Asif Majid, Marc Arthur, and Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren

September 16-19: Eco Monsters and Somatic Take-Overs. 4th mini-symposium of the Ecosomatics Series, in person, University of Michigan

September 13, noon: Critical Conversations on “Networks”, University of Michigan English Department: Flash talk on Turtle Disco’s Pandemic Artifacts from the Zoom Shell publication

September 5th: Closing day of Examining the State of our Environment, present/breath performance at Evanston Arts Center

August 30th: Visit with Drew University’s Health and Medical Humanities department

August 17-22: Crip/Mad Dance Archive sessions around the Lincoln Center

July 26-30: Movement Research/MELT workshop: Starship Somatics. “In this workshop, we will engage our bodymindspirits as portals, as trance-mobiles that honor pasts and jet us toward speculative futures. Over our week together, we will use improvised movement, dream journeys, sounding, writing, and drawing as our transportation devices: firmly grounded in the sensory immediacy of our beds, sofas, floors and windows, and flying wide to honor ways of being of all kinds. All welcome, grounded in disability culture values.” With guest appearance by Gabrielle Civil.

July 9 – Sept 5: participation in Examining the State of our Environment, an exhibit at Evanston Art Center, part of Adero Knott’s and Alpha M. Bruton’s Curatorial Fellowship Exhibit.

June 26: Inner and Outer Landscapes of Disability Culture Performance: Lecture as part of ‘Unthinking Theater,’ Seoul, Korea

June 16: Keynote, Eco Soma, at ‘Re-embodiment and Dis/abilities/Performance and the Repair of Public Space & Collective Ritual,’ Artaud Performance Center and Brunel University London, UK

June 11: Inhabiting the Body: Gut Botany Workshop as part of VariAbilities, Florida

June 7: The Power of Difference: a conversation between Petra Kuppers and Sydney Erlikh. Part of X Dance Festival, Finland. 10am. Full Video of the Conversation.

June 4: present/breath, participatory drawing action at First Friday Ypsilanti, 22 Gallery North

May 29: reader at the 0830 Club: Poet’s Theatre of Cambridge, Mass., 8pm EDT

May 20: Amoeba Dance Writing Workshop, part of Zoeglossia’s Annual Writer’s Retreat

May 7: 8.30pm EDT, Land, Language, Survival: Women Eco-Writers. Poetry Reading/Discussion with Margaret Noodin, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Pam Uschuk and DJ Lee.

May 7: present/breath, participatory drawing action at First Friday Ypsilanti, beginning of a year-long community art event

April 26: Finding Ground, Meeting Ourselves: A Circle of Play and Care facilitated by Petra Kuppers, for Brazilian and Canadian Anthropologists, hosted by Western/UFSC International Student Program

April 22: University of Mississippi: 2021 Earth Day Keynote

April 18, 5.30 EDT: Gut Botany meet-and-greet, Society for Disability Studies conference, Ohio, online

April 13, 2.30pm EST: Visit in ML Liebler’s class, Wayne State University

April 9, 3pm EST: Spring EcoSomatics Workshop series, Part 4: Edgar Fabián Frías: Intro to Divination Practices for Creatives

April 4th, 3pm EST: Reading with Rodney Terich Leonard and Kevin Prufer at Malaprop Bookstore, Asheville, NC. Video recording here.

April 2, 3pm EST: Spring EcoSomatics Workshop series, Part 3: Meghan Moe Beitiks: Guffaw

March 30, 6pm EST: panelist at the  2021 Cleveland Humanities Festival on a panel on Indigeneity and Disability: Futures of Personhood, Care and Consent (part of a minority of non-Indigenous presenters)

March 29: Disability, Performance, and Science Fiction presentation, University of Toronto

March 25, 7pm CST: Crip Ecologies, Poetry Foundation. Full and subtitled video of the reading, with Kay Ulanday Barrett and Naomi Ortiz.

March 20, 9am EST: Featured fiction reader with Jason Baltazar, at International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

March 16: Visit with Rebecca Caines’ Improvisation Class, University of Regina, Canada

March 12, 3pm EST: Spring EcoSomatics Workshop series, part 2: Aimee Meredith Cox: Embodied Poetics

March 10, 6.20 EST: Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Center Volunteer meeting, University of Michigan, Gut Botany/Court Theatre poem and discussion.

March 7, 12.10 EST: Gut Botany reading on Land, Language, Survival: Women Eco-Writers AWP panel, with Ann Fisher-Wirth, DJ Lee and Margaret Noodin

March 5th, 3.30-4pm EST: Gut Botany reading and discussion at Wayne State University Press zoom booth.

March 3rd, 5pm EST, Gut Botany reading, University of Kansas

March 2nd, Art-Making in the Anthropocene presentation, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

February 23, 3pm EST: Spring EcoSomatics Workshop Series, Part 1, with Tomie Hahn: Arousing Sense

February 23rd, Gut Botany reading, Rollins College, Florida

February 15th: start of Turtle Disco’s Winter Season, details posted here.

January 29th, 7pm EST: About Place reading, hosted by Jacqueline Johnson. Join the event here!

January 4th-8th, 5-6pm EST, Home Launch, part of MELT/Movement Research: “In this workshop, we are going to use our familiar home space as a launch pad, a portal, a time- and space-travelling device, and as a trance-inducing campfire. Over our week together, we will use improvised movement, dream journeys, sounding, writing, and drawing as our transportation devices: firmly grounded in the sensory immediacy of our beds, sofas, floors and windows, and yet pointing ourselves into speculative realms, finding fire deep inside our bodymindspirits.”


December 17: American Anthropological Association Webinar Doing/Undoing Disability Ethnography and Performance, 1pm Eastern.

November 22nd, 2pm Eastern: All Access Cafe, performing with Cornelius Ealy, Amy Gaeta, Mona Jean Cedar (rescheduled to November 29th) Full video of our reading/concert

November 21-22: Participation in the Music, Mediation and Disability Conference, with an Amoeba Sounds workshop Saturday 21st at 1.30CT.

November 20th: Dancing Material History presentation, Smith College Dance MFA, 3.15-4.30 Eastern. Full recording on vimeo.

November 5th: Disability Arts & Culture Artist Talk and Workshop, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

November 4th, 7.30-9 EDT: Venti Journal workshop: Amoeba Breaths: Tunnelings

October 30th: Keynote at the Cleveland Symposium in Art History. Online, free and open to the public. All video recordings here:

October 26th, 3.30-5.00 EDT: Geopoetics in Practice discussion, with contributors Kimberly M. BlaeserAngela Rawlings, Patrick Clifford & Tyrone Williams, Tim Cresswell, Angela Last, Stephanie Heit & Petra Kuppers, Chris Turnbull, contributor/co-editor Craig Santos Perez, and co-editors Eric Magrane, Sarah De Leeuw, and Linda Russo. Zoom link

October 24th, 11am EDT: Eco Soma Presentation as part of  The Embodiment Conference free and open after registration, available for free for 24 hours.

October 10th, 7.30am EDT: host and part of Black Earth Institute annual reading

October 1st: Keynote at Berlin Disability Arts Meet-Up, online: Crip Magic – Behinderung in der künstlerischen Praxis/Disability in Artistic Practice (in German and English). More information about the event and registration (until 17.9.) on this website:

September 26: Presentation at EcoSomatics Symposium.

September 15/16: Presentation at Meeting Place, Art Access Australia, online. The 2020 program is curated around the theme ‘Creating Space’ for d/Deaf and disabled artists, whether that be space in community, online, politically or otherwise. I am part of a panel discussion on “Creating space in a new world”, featuring performance artist and academic Petra Kuppers (based in the USA), Melbourne artist Prue Stevenson and Tasmanian designer Duncan Meerding.

September 11th, 7pm ET, Practices of Hope final reading: editors and guests (DJ Lee, Petra Kuppers, Jacqueline Johnson, CS Giscombe, Ashley Lucas and Orchid Tierney) Full Video

August 20th, 7pm ET, Gut Botany Poetry Reading with Margaret Noodin, Wayne State University Press. Full video here.

August 14th, 7pm ET, Practices of Hope third reading. Full video here.

July 28th, 2pm EST, Gut Botany workshop as part of Michigan’s “From Disability Rights to Disability Justice: A Response to the Pandemic  “ADA Every Day,” full video here on youtube

July: video presentation with DJ Lee: “Practices of Hope: Building Creative Community in Ecopoetic Literary Production,” part of Humanities on the Brink: Energy, Environment, Emergency, ASLE 2020 Virtual Symposium.

July 16th, 4pm EST: Reading as part of Ecopoetics for the More-Than-Human-World. Video of the Reading (my 7 minute tree singing is at minute 37)

July 12th, 7pm ET: 2nd Practices of Hope Reading video recording

June 17th, 7pm Central: Science Fiction and Life Writing workshop for adults with disabilities, with Hannah Soyer, University of Kansas. Here is the resulting website: a gorgeous piece of co-created disability culture.

June 12th, 7pm: Practices of Hope reading part 1. Full Video.

May 19th: 7pm EDT, Reader at Matters of Feminist Practice reading, Belladonna Collective, with Turtle Disco essay.

May 12th: Yale University, Keynote, Disability and Theatre symposium, 2.30-4 EDT, with a participatory performance element from Gut Botany, Department of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism.

May 1st: Release of Practices of Hope issue of About Place. DJ Lee and I also lead a three-week generative workshop  as part of this release: Practices of Hope: From Solarpunk to Hybrid Making.

April 30th, 18.00 CEST (12pm EST, 9am PAC): Presenting Artist in BodyCarthography Project’s event: relational practices + public space + performance. (my short presentation is at min. 45).
A ongoing conversation series for dance and performance makers who have been creating and performing for intimate audiences in public space. How are you considering your practices in light of the current pandemic? Does your work feel more urgent than ever? What new practices are you considering?

April 23rd, 5pm PAC/8pm EST: Video Interview, with Gut Botany participatory performance, full video here: PERFORMING IN VIRAL TIMES
“As makers, how do we create from the truth of this moment? Join Artistic Director Amy Sass & featured guest, Petra Kuppers (Performance Artist, Disability Culture Activist, Educator) for our next installment of Moment 2 Moment as we dive into a discussion about re-thinking art and creative practice.”, full interview (with captions):

April 8: radio interview for WGVU Public Media’s Morning Show (via phone in viral times, so not too clear: but hopefully still accessible)

Solarpunk Speculative Writing Intensive, March 31st to April 2nd, Washington State University (via Zoom), with an opening reading by me, and a closing reading by the fabulous students. Access Copy of the first reading, including course reading list

March 2020: Gut Botany full hour-long presentation/participatory performance: Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Port Townsend site online intensive. Full recording of zoom session.

NOTE! The events below are cancelled due to coronavirus shut-downs. 

June 2020: Featured Performance/Gut Botany workshop/performance as part of VariAbilities V: Exhibiting Humanity: Inhabiting the Body June 11-13, 2020, Sarasota, Florida

June 2020: Practicing the Social: Entanglements of Art and Justice, Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice at the University of Guelph

May 2020: Canadian Anthropology Society/Disability Studies Society, Congress 2020, London, Ontario: participatory performance, panel on performance and Gut Botany reading

April 22nd, 7.30pm: Gut Botany launch party at Tea Haus, Ann Arbor, first night of the Eco-Somatics Symposium.

April 1st, 3pm: Ice Bar/Gut Botany Reading at Washington State University as part of the Visiting Writer’s Series 

March 17th, 2020: Interview with Shelley Manis, on the W2:Writer to Writer series, Literati, Ann Arbor and WCBN radio

March 14th: Book Suey, 10345 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, 2pm: Gut Botany Reading

March 4th – 8th: Appearances at AWP. Organizer of Land, Language, Survival: Women Eco-Writers panel, with “Women eco-writers share language, survival, and land practices. Margaret Noodin discusses Anishinaabemowin/English poetry and the power of knowing one place well. Ann Fisher-Wirth writes about chronic illness and meditation in Mississippi. DJ Lee writes about the Selway Wilderness, ghost forests, and her mysterious grandmother. Pam Uschuk discusses Southwestern wild lands, refugee crossings, and healing from cancer. Petra Kuppers, a disabled Michigan settler, moves with insects and mushrooms.”

Also look for various Gut Botany book signings: Wayne State University Press’s table (Friday 11-12), Black Earth Institute’s Table (Saturday 11.30), ASLE’s table (Friday 3.30).

March 7th: 1.45-3: AWP Reading as part of the Zoeglossia/Beauty is a Verb Disabled Poets event! Room 214C, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level.

March 5th: AWP Reading: as part of a reading sponsored by Cutthroat, a Journal of the Arts, and the Black Earth Institute, Marriott Hotel on Thursday,  Travis Room from 6:30-8. This catered reading features Patricia Jabbeh WesleyHedy Sabbagh HabraRichard JacksonChard DeNiordPetra KuppersAnn Fisher-Wirth, Pam Uschuk, and Sarah Browning.

All this actually did happen (yay!)!

February 22nd 2020, 1.30-2.30, Ypsilanti Public Library, Michigan Avenue: Dark Fantasy: Ice Bar Reading, and discussion of speculative fiction in social justice work.

February 6th-11th 2020, Guest Artist/Scholar at Western University, Ontario, with Ice Bar/Gut Botany reading February 6th, 3-4.30. Workshop Description:

Disability Culture Performance Workshop Intensive with Petra Kuppers! February 7-9 2020, Western University, Ontario, Friday 11.30 to 4, Sat/Sun 11-4, free.
Calling for disability culture people, experimental anthropologists, and performance folx: Eco-Somatic Score Creation. Let’s meet for a few winter days at Western University, London, Ontario. We will explore different venues on campus and use performance scores to engage in rituals of attention, healing, imagination, beauty, and care. Movement and writing will be our main modalities. Apply to Pam Block:

January 21st 2020, 7.15: Gut Botany reading, Goddard College, Haybarn Theatre, Plainfield, Vermont


December 8th, Sunday, 6.30: Taproom Ypsilanti: Frog Island end-of-year reading with all featured readers for 2019

December 5th, 4pm: Ice Bar Reading as part of HIVES Research Workshop and Speaker Series (Disability Studies, Animal Studies, Popular Culture), Michigan State University

December 2nd: Keynote at Disability Arts and Culture Symposium, Eastern Michigan University (also: visual art exhibits and performance work at the associated exhibit, Way Opens, Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti)

November 21st, Hopwood Room, 2.30-3.30, University of Michigan, Zell Writing Program: Writing Aware Q&A on Representing Disability

November 16th: Tendings: (Disabled) Bodymindspirits in Space. Workshop at the National Women’s Studies Association, San Francisco. “This workshop offers an artful space for engagement and resource-sharing, bringing contemporary art-based approaches to bear on sitedness, on our bodies’ interaction with the built environment, on being in space with others, on being interdependent and in caring relations. Petra Kuppers will lead disability culture exercises from the Tendings curriculum, developed with mental health system survivor Stephanie Heit and a range of other allies. Tendings are everyday collaborative practices that combine experiential anatomy, disability culture, eco-specific investigations, somatic exercises, and writing. This practice nourishes activist interdependent energies and pools resources for community building and stewardship of self and the environment.”

October 6th 2019, Frog Island Reading, Ypsilanti

September 2019: Guest Teacher on BFA for Socially Engaged Art, Goddard College, semester theme: Apocalypse, Futurity, and (Re)Making the World

August 2019, Postgraduate Writers’ Conference, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Reading from Green Orion Woman

August 2019: Dance Studies Association, Gathering for Community Dance

July 2019: Performance Studies international, Calgary, Canada

June 2019: Ice Bar/Solarpunk discussion at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE), Davis, California

June 2019: ‘Disability Performance Conversations: Circles, Pools, Flows.’ Keynote for the Canadian Theatre Studies Association, with pool workshop

April 2019:  Writer guest, Washtenaw Writer’s Studio

February 2019: Ice Bar reading and discussion as part of Animal Studies Work Group, University of Michigan

January 2019: Ice Bar reading at ConFusion, Detroit

January 2019: Ice Bar discussion as part of MLA conference panel on disability and science fiction, Chicago


October 2018: Ice Bar reading as part of Disability and LGBTQ event, University of Michigan

October 2018: Participation in Black Earth Institute Retreat, Wisconsin, as a new fellow

September – December 2018: Salamander, a disability culture underwater video installation, at Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan – one of the core inspirations of Ice Bar.

September 2018: Ice Bar at Kerrytown Bookfest

June 2018: Ice Bar: Disability Culture Writing. Proper book launch!  Thursday, June 21 7pm Aut Bar Patio, Common Language Bookstore, Ann Arbor

May 2018: Ice Bar reading at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

May 2018: WisCon! Feminism and Science Fiction Convention. Ice Bar reading as part of Queer Times reading, Michelangelo Sunday night, 10pm

April 2018: Ice Bar at Embodiment and Science Fiction conference, Hamilton, Canada

Ice Bar at Stony Brook University – reading and workshop

Ice Bar at Bluestockings – an evening of lush embodiment and queer/crip storytelling