Ice Bar: Water Women

August 2017 news: Spuyten Duvil is publishing the Ice Bar short story collection in Spring 2018! I will post more information and publicity as it becomes available.

November 2017 news: One story in the collection, Fjord Dreams, has been nominated for a Pushcart by Dunes Review. Another story, The Wheelchair Ramp, has been nominated for The Best of the Net Anthology by Anomaly.

In this collection, I am sharing my water movement stories: a series of stories that focus on active women, moving, swimming, engaging water in all its states, from ice to vapor.

In May 2017, Deaf Poets Society published Dinosaur Dreams, a story inspired by Afrofuturism and Lovecraftian reinvention.

Also in May 2017, The Dunes Review published Fjord Pool, a troll story set in an Oslo swimming pool.

In March 2017, PodCastle created a PodCast of one of my stories, Ice Bar, beautifully introduced by Bogi Takács and read by Marguerite Croft.

In November 2016, Future Fire published one of my water women stories, with amazing illustrations by Miranda Jean. The Road Under the Bay. Future Fire. A Journal of Sociopolitical and Speculative Cyber-Fiction. The editor, Djibril al-Ayad, advertises the story in this way: “a luscious prose-poem of earth&water&architectural memory.” YES!

Check out the first one in the series, Playa Song, a sci-fi-y eco story published in Accessing the Future: A Disability-Themed Anthology of Speculative Fiction, a great collection that addresses themes close to my heart.