Recent Publications: Petra Kuppers

Recent Books

Gut Botany (Poetry Collection, Wayne State University Press, 2020), Winner: Creative Book Award, ASLE/Association of the Society for Literature and the Environment 2022

Eco Soma: Pain and Joy in Speculative Performance Encounters (Criticism/Autoethnographic Writing, University of Minnesota Press, 2022)

Ice Bar (Speculative Short Stories, Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2018)

Recent Poems

Jupiter,’ Poetry online, (2022)

Found on a Pond Deck,’ Poetry online, (2022)

Craniosacral RhythmsPoetry online, (2022)

‘Styrene’ and ‘Eventide’ Plants and Poetry Journal: Wildlife of the Underworld issue (2022)

Zoom Somatics in Four Poems (mini essay and four poems). Edge Effects. (2021)

Book LungsOrion Magazine (2021) – Link to a live reading of the poem, Noon Poem, Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan

‘After the Whales,’ ‘Desert Song,’ ‘Endwaters‘  About Place: Works of Resistance and Resilience (2020)

Recent Creative Non-Fiction

Crip Ecologies: Changing Orientation. Poetry Magazine (2022)

EcoSomatics Archive. Jacket2 (2022)

Interview (by Kristy Cox): Writing While Disabled. Strange Horizons (2022)

About Turtle Disco: ‘Online Intimacies and Artful Life in Turtle Disco Zoomshells,’ in: Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change, edited by xtine burrough and Judy Walgren, Routledge, 2022: 241-237.

(co-authored with Stephanie Heit) Hurricane Poetics and Crip Psychogeographies. Ecotone (2019)

Recent Fiction

13 Tides. Ecozon@ (2021)

Mercury Worms. Shoreline of Infinity 16 (2019), reprinted in HIVES zine, Michigan State University (2020)

Coral Tissue. Psychopomp (2020)

The Road Under the Bay. Future Fire. A Journal of Sociopolitical and Speculative Cyber-Fiction. Ecosomatics_image Image Description: a diverse group of dancers, part of the Eco Monster Symposium 2021, with addenda from a workshop by Marc Arthur. Petra on the left, dancing with her pink lightsaber.

About Petra’s Performance/Dance Practice

About Petra

Gut Botany

Ice Bar: Queer/Crip Speculative Stories

Asylum Stories

EcoSomatics Symposia

Practices of Hope Reading Series

Painting Practice